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Philippines Sexpats at a glance

Philippines Sexpats Wall of shame  Philippines Sexpats at a glance

"Once a sexpat fully ingratiated himself within the expat community, there is absolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world. The underlying shame and guilt for the extent of his insalubrious indulgences can only be managed so long as he maintains his current lifestyle and continues to live a life of deluded bliss. The real world will simply not accept someone so lacking in basic moral standards, personal hygiene and self-respect – plus his mate Dave will probably call him a poof." 

Beautiful Filipina you deserve better than those old farts. You don't have to wear a mask or get drunk first before you go to bed with them. Just because they have a few extra dollars.. He had a limp wrested dick? Was extremely Hairy? 80+ years Old? Had no teeth? Growth Warts all over his body? Paper flappy Thin Skin? Boring and falls asleep half the time? Slow Minded with Dementia? Has Grand kids OLDER than you? You are the MOTHER to a 50-60 year old kids and you are 18? When there are Hundreds of Thousands of YOUNG SEXY HOT GUYS all over the world to choose from?

Screw the money that is just nasty and embarrassing. Practical and Wise? I understand why Philippine Women think it's such a good idea to marry a man like this.... ummm..

Why not marry a YOUNG MAN who is nice looking, strong, young, energetic... Who has a good job with education and money? why go 60 years plus and marry his GRAND FATHER instead? and be surnamed "Madame sexpat"? You are the sexiest, the most dynamic, beautiful, the family leader, as no other women in the whole Asia can claim the same. 

Why do you think that's all you deserve? Why not be selective in your choice of chat mate that eventually will lead to a serious relationship resulting to the migration in the first world instead of an old fart that he will come live to the PH with his meager pension barely enough to buy you some perfumes and high hills shoes? 

Beautiful girl, make no mistake. They are just used people, looking to give a second life to their useless brain and picoy that the latest often will not respond with not even the highest dose of Viagra. Being puffed up with conceit they will expose you in your community and forums, caring less for the mockery we are reading all over the net mainly due to their extravagant behavior and way of life. A typical example of a comment goes like this:

Poster Charles white:

“How are you today! Great place Gordy, I get a little tired of the young girls coming on to me all the time when they find out I am single though. Maybe ole froggie should have meet my ex huh. I wonder if he could keep count of all the things she wanted me to buy her. She tried to lay that shit on me about buying a house so that she would feel secure to be with me. Guess where that got her. It got her a job cleaning my house, cooking my diner and going her own way after her daily blow job all for the amazing price of 100 pesos a day. I wonder what that fuck nuts frenchy would say to that. I wonder if he thinks i am exploiting her. Well i really do not wonder because i could give a rats ass what he thinks. Gordy you met both of us and you know I treated her good so as far as I am concerned since she tried to fuck me she gets what she deserves. Now my last girl don't sound like she turned out that bad. I mean assuming she looks decent you cant beat that deal with a stick, roughly 65dollars a month for a chick to cook , clean and suck your cock everyday , thats hell of a deal. Gotta wonder about the pinoy bf though who lets her do it as that sick bastards probably is kissing her lips everyday knowing they've been wrapped around you cock lolol Real sick pinoy”. 

And this, is one of the innocent, compare to a large data base of foreigners' slanders I have in file saved over the years.  

Some good people in the foreigners' community that have objectively observed the behavior of the expats living in the PH had this to say. I salute their honesty and balls to come forward and tell the world the truth.

1. If you had one failed marriage she may have been the problem. If you had three or more you are the problem that simple.

2. Anyone with some savvy can live in a place with a good climate and soil for almost nothing by living off the land. However it is not comfortable or pleasant living. I do not think one should strive to see how poor they can live instead strive to make enough to live at your comfort level plus a margin of error.

3. When you allow your own self image to soar to great heights because women who would never pay you any mind if they were your economic equal, then you are at least delusional. If you see it for what it is then it is not a bad thing.

4. The expats I have seen in the PH are a sorry looking lot. It is that simple, they are poorly dressed, have poor hygiene, bad manners, and for the most part are in poor physical health. I really enjoyed the PH people they were for the most part very nice and humble people. 

 5. Do not get me wrong the ugly American/foreigner has nothing on the ugly Korean they are a new level of world's most arrogant vacationer. Ironically here in Korea they are very humble to westerners. 

I have traveled to many foreign countries including the PH and I will say that in most of the lower cost counties the Ugly America/Foreigner abounds. The bottom line is that if after 30-40 years of working you managed to only be able to retire in a 3rd world country you are at the very least a poor money manager. With a constant supply of women hitting on them a sense of economic and in most cases educational failure and past relationship failures and you get a person with a severe sense of failure. 

Their super ego takes over and you either have a man mad at the world for being so unjust or compensating by acting arrogant. Don't be mad feel compassion for them. I'm sure the majority who will be reading this are the exact same ones I'm talking about also if you're an exception then ignore what I'm saying! Way back in the early 60's I had the good fortune of being stationed with the Navy here for a couple of years they were undoubtedly the best years of service in my book! While here the locals had a saying they used on many of the sailors and marines they were known as "UGLY AMERICANS" this was due to the fact that the ones they used this on were just that they had the habit of thinking they were just like a Post Toasties box, just a little bit better than the actual people of the area! 

You know what I mean I'm sure you have more money your smarter and just an all around better person than the poor slobs you have to deal with when out in their country. But then most of you already think that way now don't you??? I don't live in Cebu thank god but from time to time I do go there and vacation. I generally make these trips few and far between since if I wanted a big city I'd of stayed in the States. The one thing that really stands out when I make these trips is just how arrogant the foreigners who seem to call the place their home are I would say that perhaps 95% of those who live there are just that "UGLY AMERICANS" whom think so highly of themselves that when spoken to or nodded at as a jester of Hello will turn away and never acknowledge that they ever even saw you muck less return the jester! 
Could it be that the ugly syndrome has gone so far as to include everyone I think so! Of course most of the ones I had contact with were the "Mall Rats" you all know the type age range between 65 and 70 whatever sitting at the coffee shop hoping to latch on to some little teeny bopper that will listen to his lies on how rich and famous he is so that he can take her somewhere and molest her! 

I have been here for just right at 5 years during which time I've made maybe 10 trips to Cebu all left me with this same feeling each and every time that I came back from the place. I on one trip had the misfortune of walking past one Fine Up Standing Gentleman who had the nerve to tell me as I walked by FUCKING MARINE lucky me huh guess that's his way of saying Hello? These are the people whom I would contact and ask questions to on what to expect upon arrival to Cebu sure thing! 

So guess what the point is that I trying to get across is why are there so many jerks in one little city can't you guys spread yourselves out so I can see you in other places to then I wouldn't feel so bad if every where that I went I came across the likes of you! Unfortunately most of the places I travel if I say Hello I get a greeting back which to me is a good thing! By the way you don't need to be from America to be grouped in to the "UGLY AMERICAN Syndrome" you guys come from all over the world same attitude just a different accent. 

Making fun of sexpats  Philippines Sexpats at a glance

how to be a “hansum man”, or “the sexpat’s guide to fashion

Philippines Sexpats at a glance
Philippines Sexpats at a glance(image source: Stickman Bangkok)

Whether you’ve already retired to your “girlfriend’s” Issan country village to open a shitty sports bar or whether you’re still auditioning Third World prostitutes to find your lucky bride, a good sexpat look doesn’t just happen. it’s the result of many carefully arranged details, each of which must express “No one in their right mind would ever fuck me for free”.For those of you unclear on how to be a “handsum man”, I’m gonna break it down: A revealing tank top. Philippines Sexpats at a glance

While no one would complain about seeing Justin Timberlake or Rain rocking a tank top, a true sexpat wears a tank top on a body better suited to hijabs or whatever Baron Harkonen wears. 

Question: If I’m not fat, can I still pull off a sexpat look?
While being morbidly obese is the quickest way to make yourself as unattractive as possible, if you simply can’t make yourself eat enough Sizzlers, you can always resort to a really offensive tattoo (like the fellow teacher at my friend’s workplace who had a tatoo of a dwarf giving the finger — wouldn’t you want that dude teaching your kids?), or a 4-foot smelly long grey ponytail. Read more....

An Essay on Idiots  Philippines Sexpats at a glance

Philippines Sexpats at a glance

"Once a sexpat fully ingratiated himself within the expat community, there is absolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world. The underlying shame and guilt for the extent of his insalubrious indulgences can only be managed so long as he maintains his current lifestyle and continues to live a life of deluded bliss. The real world will simply not accept someone so lacking in basic moral standards, personal hygiene and self-respect – plus his mate Dave will probably call him a poof. " Read more....

Sexpats, Missionaries, Hired Guns, and English Teachers; An Introduction to the expat scene.

The (S)expats are often older Western guys (but not always older), who love Vietnam because here they are a white god. Not every guy who dates Viets is a Sexpat, but boy, you can tell them when you see them. You can recognize most Sexpats by the age or beauty difference between them and their Vietnamese girlfriends/wives. Old guy with young girl? Sexpat. 

Ugly guy with beautiful local girl? Sexpat. Back home, they are usually guys who have a hard time getting laid, but here, they can always find a girl whose lifetime earnings will total what the Sexpat earns in one year. As such, the Sexpat represents a way out of village life for a local girl. And all they have to do is cook for, and have sex with an older ugly guy. And even better, unlike 70% of Vietnamese men, he is less likely to abuse her. 66% of Vietnamese women report that their husbands abuse them. Read More..

Philippines Sexpats at a glance

The Audacity of Farang  Philippines Sexpats at a glance

Forget culture shock. Forget homesickness. Forget language barrier. The most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with in Thailand is seeing the daily display of vulgar exploitation by foreign men.This is not a discussion of prostitution, per se, in Thailand. That is another debate, and one which, like the profession, is likely to go on forever. 

What is disturbing in Thailand is the ability of the farang mind to normalize the john-hooker relationship into something that is presentable to the rest of society. It’s bad enough the extent to which prostitution exists in places like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong.

But foreigners, young and old alike, feel no shame in bringing their obviously paid for partners to any and every corner of the country. Malls, restaurants, resorts, beaches, condos, parks, normal Thai neighborhoods, wats! Would you take a prostitute you picked up in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, or wherever you came from, and parade her around town? I think not. You would be worried about the social ramifications, glares, and perhaps even a beating if, Read more...

Philippines Sexpats at a glance
Philippines Sexpats at a glance

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I Wrote This For You

 I Wrote This For You

Evan Iliadis By now, Everyone knows my stay in the Philippines has been a turning point in my life. Not because is "An Amazing Country - The Philippines. An Archipelago of Over 7,000 Islands" or because of "Many Islands! Many Languages! A Mix of Many Cultures!". If you like this kind of blogs tourist guide kind you'll find countless on the net. Something like this I like myself.

I like colorful sites and blogs about the Philippines objectively written by good faith people, those who came for the purpose of discovering the Filipino psyche, a fascinating way of life, a hard to believe meanings deployed for daily survival. It's good. But sorry to point out that no many come to the Philippines for these kind of discoveries.

During my stay for 6 years I haven't seen many families with blond hair-blue eyes roaming the streets or the tourist attractions, places and monuments. The only foreign looking tourists I see are the husbands of Filipino women living in the country or abroad, including those came solo despite his late age and ugly looks managed to enroll a young chick of third his age.

Let'd see what the ambassador of the USA in Manila had to say:

I Wrote This For You

"FORTY per cent of foreign men visiting the Philippines are sex tourists, the US ambassador in Manila said today in comments that were quickly disputed by the government.

US ambassador Harry Thomas told a forum of Filipino judges and officials that corrupt officials were involved in a very visible sex trade, and challenged the legal profession to eliminate the "scourge".

"We know that 40 per cent of foreign men who come to the Philippines, including from the US, come for sexual tourism. That is not something I'm proud of. That's not something you should be proud of," Thomas said."
Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/forty-per-cent-of-men-visit-philippines-for-sex/story-e6frfq80-1226144023212#ixzz2bNtEZIQJ

Disputed by the PH government or not, the Ambassador not only he's right on the controversy, he's also conservative on the numbers. The flow is greater than that. 

But why sexpats and pedophiles chose the Philippines as their preferred destination? 

If you ask them, they will all blame their countries, the richest in the world, that didn't take care of them. Like this guy's below posted in a forum.


  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Yati, Lilo-an, Cebu
  • Country of Birth: 
Posted 17 July 2011 - 03:51 AM

'Old55', on 17 Jul 2011 - 10:17 AM, said:

Honestly, do you know of an expat who moved to Philippines recently other than to interact with Filipinas? Excluding the occasional missionary, pedophile or gay has there been any? It is well know back in the day some would move there to hide or start over.
I don't know whether to be insulted, or laugh my ass off. (The latter would probably be a healthy thing. ) I am over here by myself...no girlfriend, no asawa, no missionary zeal, no pedophile or gay photos on my computer or thoughts in my head. Comments like "it is well known" try to turn personal opinion into unquestionable axiomatic fact.
That won't work, at least with me. In addition, the way you word the sentence makes it sound as if all expats are either a) sexpats, or b) perverts and criminals on the lam.

I am neither! What I am is a FREE individual who no longer has to worry about big brother tracking my every move, recording my every phone call, pulling me over at random times and places and impounding my car for any level or blood alcohol or drugs (those of you who think you have to have a 0.08 or 0.1 blood level are woefully out of date), and do any other damn thing he wants, including believing that he can take porno pics and/or grope me any time he feels like it.
(Those who don't believe would do well to Google VIPR groups under the TSA...what they do, WHERE they do it (HINT: Its not airports), and why TSA wants to triple the number of such units.)I chose FIRST to leave the nanny/police state America is fast becoming while that was still possible. I suppose, if you want to stretch it, that could be interpreted as hiding or starting over. I view it as refusing to become one of the steeple.

If America had been as bad in the early 60's as it has become now, I would never have joined the military, much less given more than 20 years of my life to defending her. Sometimes, I can't help but cry when I see what she has become, but my staying there would not have made any difference other than probably destroying me. So I chose to leave.

The SECOND decision was to choose the Philippines as my initial destination. ...they speak English, in general I like the laid back attitude of the people (the are bad people in every country), the country side is beautiful (outside of the big cities), and they are close to the rest of Asia.

If I decide I am not comfortable here, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand are all fairly close by. Okay, truth in advertising...the Filipinas aren't bad either. Not against hooking up with one, just not actively seeking same.I don't believe I am the only one here for other than sex, or hide.

Edited by RetiredNavyGuy, 17 July 2011 - 04:58 AM.

Since I wasn't living there as a sexpat, I'll post what somebody else who knows the sexpat community upside down had to say. Let's now post this.

From the Philippines-sexpats wall of shame 


And here is another American star of the expat forums what he had to say on his motivations for making the Philippines his home.