Sex tourism

Sex tourism
Sex tourism Chris Bennetts
Sex tourism  A collection of articles about pedophiles in the Philippines and everywhere  else in the S/E Asia as found on the net.

Philippine Town Haven For Touring Pedophiles

PAGSANJAN, PHILIPPINES — ``Apocalyse Now,`` the film shot on location at this picturesque lagoon town in the hills south of Manila, left a nasty legacy. (An old article but now days the situation got worst.)

``We found that our boys could not keep their eyes open during school classes. When we asked them, they replied: `We`ve been out with our foreign friends,` `` recalled Maternidad Riviera. Read more..... 

Pedophiles are everywhere

Sex tourism
Kinda disgusting.
Sex tourism When I was strolling on some shopping malls, I always can't keep my eyes off to some foreigners with their Filipina girlfriend, who seems to be very young, and the guy is old enough to be her grandpa.

Those kind of scenarios are everywhere, you will see them on hotels, resorts, malls. 

A grandpa with a menor de edad girlfriend, kinda disgusting, but these country has no strict laws on child molestation and child abuse. If you try to look just about anywhere, especially on dump sites you will see children ages 4-12 already working just to feed their empty stomach because their parents cannot afford to take care of them. Read More

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